You have faced, are facing, or will face some type of adversity in life. Friction leads to growth. Yet, fear, uncertainty, and doubt are holding you back.


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Having successfully overcome multiple traumatic life, business, and relationship challenges, it became our passion to share concepts and solutions of how we survived, persevered, and thrived knowing they will make an impact in your life as well. It is our mission to add value to and to touch the lives of every individual we meet. We are excited about helping you progress, grow, and gain clarity as you maximize your full potential. 

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Michael and Lisa have a powerful testimony of love, faith and perseverance against all odds. They share their story in a unique way of alternating perspectives that keeps it real and fascinating. Their message is one of inspiration and hope for both individuals and couples who have faced extreme adversity in their lives.

Jane Doe

Bonnie and Rick E.

An incredibly, sad story that Mike and Lisa have turned into a powerful message that everyone should hear. My hope is that everyone truly listens.

Jane Doe

Billy W., Brewer Enterprises

Many times when people experience trauma in their lives, they carry it around with them and let it weigh them down, but not Mike and Lisa. These are two individuals that have found a way to not only overcome their bitterness, but to become empowered by what used to weigh them down. Their passion for wanting to help others improve their outlooks and break free of their own battles is evident and the longer I listened to them speak, the more inspired I felt. I personally left their speech feeling motivated to improve my performance at work and to start exercising more, so thank you Mike and Lisa for the motivation. 

Jane Doe

Katy N.

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